Sympathy Arrangement

Sympathy Arrangement

Sympathy arrangements are designed to be one sided, large arrangements. Hand-picked stems arranged in a unique, complimenting vase. Arrangements will include a focal flower, complimenting flower(s), fillers, and greenery. Flowers will consist of common, in-seasonvarieties. When placing your order, please put as many details under the special requests section including any color and flower requests, ribbon(s), messages, etc. If you would like your order to be more customized than our website allows or if you need more ideas or suggestions, please visit our storefront or give us a call so we can ensure your order is excatly what you would like.

Please note that pictures represent sizes and style only. Each order is custom made and will be completely unique, so product may differ from pictures.


  • All of our creations and their details are custom, handmade, and uniquely designed for each order using fresh, quality, in-season flowers. We do not and will not recreate designs that we did not design. We will do our very best to fulfill any and all requests. In the event that a requested detail (color, style, specific flower(s), container, etc.) is not available, we will substitute with something of similar quality and value. If you would like to ensure a request can be fulfilled, please contact us directly. 

PriceFrom $75.00
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