Prom Accessories

Prom Accessories

All prom designs are custom made to match the individual or couple's attire. We prefer to obtain a picture of the attire or a color swatch to help us match color and styles as close as possible. After placing your order, please send photos to with your order number for easy reference. Special requests are taken and we will always to our best to honor them. 


Common flowers used: Rose, Spray Rose, Ranunculus, Calla Lily, Carnations, Daisies

Wristlet options: Elastic (standard), Elastic with Ribbon, Slap Bracelet, Metal Cuff, Sequin Bracelet


We require at least 48 hours notice for all prom orders.


If enough orders are received, we are happy to travel to surrounding area towns. Please contact us directly for further information.

Please note that pictures represent sizes and style only. Each order is custom made and will be completely unique, so product may differ from pictures.

  • All of our designs and their details are custom, handmade, and uniquely designed for each order using fresh, quality, in-season flowers. We do not and will not recreate designs that we did not design. We will do our very best to fulfill any and all requests. In the event that a requested detail (color, style, specific flower(s), etc.) is not available, we will substitute with something of similar quality and value. If you would like to ensure a request can be fulfilled, please contact us directly. 
PriceFrom $15.00
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